Beer List

Livingood's Lager

 ~ German hops, malt and yeast all worked together to make a light southern German lager 5.8% ABV/23 IBU’s

Chasm Cream Ale

  ~ A classic American ale with a new world twist. This cold fermented ale starts with a fresh & fruity aroma, then finishes smooth & creamy. 5.2% ABV/21 IBU’s

Cascade Mountain

  ~ New England Pale Ale. Hazy local hops from The Binyard. 5% ABV/30 IBU’s

Hazed & Confused Rye IPA

  ~ New England Style IPA brewed with a rye malt. A little bit of everything for your summer taste buds, bitterness, fruity aromas & flavors with smooth drinkability . 5.8% ABV/45 IBU’s


  ~ A juicy American IPA that has a mild bitterness and is dry hopped with Amarillo, Huell Melon and Citra with flavors of melon and citrus.              6.9% ABV/45 IBU’s


  ~ Our double IPA is a “Work In Progress Ale” meaning each batch will be different from the previous. A fascinating part of brewing is the infinity possible combinations of ingredients & techniques leading to the uniqueness of each beer. 8.5% ABV/27 IBU’s

MVP: Maple Vanilla Porter

 ~ A robust porter with 60lbs. of New York Grade A organic maple syrup, laced with pure vanilla with subtle hints of coffee, vanilla, chocolate & sassafras. 5.5% ABV/25 IBU’s

Peanut Butter Porter              

 ~ A robust porter brewed with real peanuts & cocoa nibs for a twist on a classic flavor profile, peanut butter & chocolate. 

Brewer’s Pour: Mix half MVP & half Peanut Butter Porter. 5.3% ABV/25 IBU’s

Bear Swamp Stout           

 ~ A full bodied Irish Export stout packed full with the roasty character you would expect in a stout. 6.2% ABV/25 IBU’s

Dunkel Weizen

 ~ A dark German wheat beer with mild bitterness and light roasty characters. 4.2% ABV/25 IBU’s.

Mountain View Raspberry / Blackberry Sour

 ~ A tart jam of raspberry and blackberry is put in a glass for your tasting pleasure. 4.6% ABV