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697 Bear Swamp Road Peru, NY 12972

About Us

The original Livingood's butcher truckLivingood’s is much more than just a clever name…It is a family name.

Co-Owner and Brewmaster Matt Ray’s great-great grandfather, James Livingood and James’s son Clarence Adam “C.A.” Livingood, owned a butcher shop in Conestoga, PA during the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.

The Livingood father and son duo were passionate business owners who were very successful and well respected in their community.

“C.A.”, who took over the business after his father passed away, was very generous to his neighbors, the church, and community organizations. Livingood’s Butcher & Son would roast 50-75 pounds of meat for funerals and help with the services.

There were three butchers who roomed at the Livingood homestead. Eliza “Mommom” Livingood (C.A.’s wife) would provide huge breakfasts, clean laundry, and all the necessities before they would go on their butcher delivery routes. There was always a meal ready whenever anyone came to the house or home from the routes.

These are the roots and inspiration for Livingood’s Restaurant & Brewery, a farm-to-table craft beer restaurant and event space.

We now offer a full, gourmet menu from appetizers to pasta and more, using as many local ingredients as we can get our hands on. And of course, our beer – the perfect way to wash down any of our menu items. Livingood’s offers an Adirondack craft beer restaurant experience unlike any other!