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Livingood’s Summer Mixology

September 6, 2016 · by Matt · No Comments

Summertime is definitely our favorite mixed drink season. With fresh herbs, fruits, spices and most of all tequila… what can go wrong?

Take a look at some of Katie’s summer creations and stop by soon to try any that capture your imagination – while we still have them available!

El pepino – this one has some cool ingredients such as habanero infused tequila, cucumber bitters and smoked pineapple juice!

Basil Mint Mojito –  cool and refreshing with muddled mint, basil simple syrup, fresh lime, white rum and soda water.

Smoked Rye Manhattan – not only does it taste great but it’s really fun to make, involving the use of a hand-held smoker! Officially Katie’s best impulse buy ever.

Smoked Rye Manhattan Cocktail

Smoked Rye Manhattan

If margaritas are your thing, maybe we can tempt you with ours. Explore Strawberry Basil, Blackberry Mint, Elderflower, Smoked Lemon Hibiscus (who knew smoking a cocktail would taste so delicious!) and Chili Cilantro, all made using local ingredients.

Strawberry Basil Margarita Cocktail

Strawberry Basil Margarita

For when you can’t decide between a beer and a margarita – why not combine the two? Our I.P.A. margarita includes hopped grapefruit bitters and our double IPA (WIPA) in the place of sour mix!

Livingood’s beer cocktails are an exciting collaboration between mixologist and brewer. Katie and master brewer/owner Matt have worked together to create these additions to the drinks menu, which are truly unique and fun.

Black Widow – a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey, black peppercorn vanilla agave and house-brewed Livingood’s Bear Swamp Stout topped with whipped cream and crushed red pepper.

Goes well with: This beer cocktail is perfect for dessert, paired with our homemade creme brulee, chocolate peanut butter pie, or carrot cake.

Black Widow Cocktail Cream

Black Widow

Summer Solstice – muddled basil leaves, black peppercorn agave, orange bitters, Limoncello and Livingood’s own Half Step Hefeweizen makes this our cocktail of the summer. It’s been a real hit in the warmer weather.

Goes well with: Katie recommends pairing this or the Basil Mint Mojito cocktail with a seafood dish or anything spicy on the Livingood’s menu, such as nachos, calamari, our Wrath burger or fish tacos.

Beer Cocktail Pint Glass Orange Garnish

Summer Solstice

Of course, all of our cocktails are a refreshing accompaniment to Livingood’s BBQ food – as is our beer!

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