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Happy Black Friday

November 28, 2014 · by Jessica Ray · No Comments

sangria-night-posterIt’s Friday night! That means our carafes of red or white Sangria are only $10 and we have a long list of dinner specials for you.

Our soups tonight are our Dill Potato Barley and Seth’s new Homemade Chicken & Wild Rice. I had a cup for lunch and it the perfect thing for a cold, wintry night.

As always we have our BBQ Pork Rolls as well as Linda’s amazing Rosemary & Cheddar Potato Puffs. These little bits of yumminess (yes, that’s a word right?) are made with our homemade garlic mashed potatoes, stuffed with fresh rosemary & cheddar cheese, rolled in crispy panko bread crumbs, flash fried and served with a fresh chive sour cream for dipping.

A cup of that chicken soup, a side garden salad and Linda’s potato puffs would make for a fabulous meal. Just sayin…

We also have a new item we are testing out, an all natural German style pork sausage, beer braised then grilled, served on a toasted Amoroso roll with warm sauerkraut & our house maple mustard. Pair that with some hand cut fries and you can almost convince yourself its not winter outside.

Our Hearth Baked Salmon is also on the list this evening. This is a 1/2 lb. North Atlantic Salmon filet, crusted with sweet smoked paprika & thyme, baked in our 500 degree pizza oven ’til it is just right, served with our sauteed house veggies and your choice of rice, fries or mashed potatoes.

We can’t forget the Scallops Florentine. This has been a big seller since its debut a few weeks ago and when you see and smell it you’ll know why. If you are craving seafood and creamy pasta this will certainly fill the void, and then some.

Our Pork Tenderloin is back this weekend! This was a favorite at our old location and we thought this was the perfect time of year to bring it back as a special. The pork is marinated in olive oil, white wine and fresh herbs, then grilled to perfection and served on a pool of our port & cranberry reduction. Served with our house sauteed veggies and your choice of starch.

Last but not least, our house favorite, Steak Frites. A 12oz hand cut NY Strip, grilled to your preference and topped with a honey, horseradish & shallot compound butter and served on a bed of hand cut fries. This also comes with a nice garden salad with your choice of our many house made dressings.

So, if you plan on stopping down tonight be sure to give us a call and let us know by making a reservation. We hope you all have had a great Thanksgiving and the festivities continue for the weekend. Be safe!

Jess ๐Ÿ™‚

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