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Farm-To-Table & Farm-To-Bar

September 6, 2016 · by boirebenner · No Comments

Here at Livingood’s we’re definitely taking the “farm to table” mentality one step further by using locally grown ingredients in our new drink menu, as well as our food!

Now, not only do you have the option of drinking beer that’s brewed a matter of feet from where you sit in our restaurant; but if you feel more inclined toward a mixed drink sometime, you can sip safe in the knowledge that those flavors are all local.

Katie, Livingood’s master mixologist and bartender, combines her passion for drinks and gardening by plucking fresh mint literally from her own back yard, to use in our summer cocktail “El pepino”, a basil mint mojito. She also uses homegrown peppers in some of her simple syrups, which bring unique flavor to her cocktails.

Local businesses Rulfs Orchard and Quarry Gardens are represented by strawberries and basil, blended together in the strawberry basil puree for one of our delicious flavored margaritas.

Strawberry Basil Margarita Cocktail

Strawberry Basil Margarita

We use agave instead of sugar in all of our simple syrups. Why? Agave has a much lower glycemic index (your blood sugar will thank you) and as a bonus, pairs excellently with tequila.

Keeping local and using our resources wisely makes us feel great about what we do – and that’s before we even see the smile of someone trying a new drink for the first time!

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