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697 Bear Swamp Road Peru, NY 12972

The Great Room Banquet Hall

Livingood's Great Room Banquet Hall

The Great Room Banquet Hall is a flexible event space ideal for many sizes and types of gatherings. It’s a modern space with rustic touches, evoking the Adirondack Mountains and Lake Champlain that surround it.

The Banquet Hall is the event space as a whole: the Sunset Room and Great Room are portions of the larger event space rentals. Three spaces of varying sizes available depending on your individual needs. Whether you’re looking to host a cozy, small gathering or a classy, corporate event, the space becomes the perfect backdrop to whatever you’re planning.

The atmosphere lends itself to casual and upscale events. Whatever your event, the Great Room Banquet Hall space will allow your group to gather however they like.

We are dedicated to serving and promoting local, farm-to-table food, ingredients, and brands. We partner with local farms and bakeries as often as we can to showcase what the Adirondacks has to offer. As a local, family-owned business ourselves, we take pride in using what our beautiful community can create.

The Sunset Room:

For groups of 25 to 45, we offer our Sunset Room. A semi-private event space rental that can be arranged in a number of ways, the Sunset Room is minimal with a great deal of charm.

This space is perfect for intimate family gatherings or small rehearsal dinners. It’s also great for business meetings and holiday parties for staff or groups of friends.

The Great Room:

For larger groups, ranging from 46 to 80 guests, we offer our Great Room, equipped with a full-service bar, pool table, flat screen smart TV, stereo system, and a multitude of seating arrangements.

This space is perfect for everything from the most casual of large parties to the most professional of business conferences. Flexible with a great deal of character, the Great Room can work as the perfect setting for family reunions, larger birthday parties, showers, and smaller wedding receptions.

Make use of the Smart TV by displaying photos of the family or staff, or to show business information related to the conference or presentation.


The Great Room Banquet Hall:

For those interested in hosting up to 125 guests, The Great Room Banquet Hall combines the space of the Sunset Room and the Great Room. Everything special about the rooms individually comes together to create a particularly fantastic event space with charm, character, and of course, the versatility to accommodate your specific needs.

On a seasonal basis, we offer our large deck and patio for additional outdoor seating, more room to mingle, or extra space for dancing.


I have 30 people but I want the larger room. Can I book the Great Room with fewer than 46 guests? Similarly, if I have 20 people, can I still book the Sunset Room with fewer than 25 guests?

Yes, for an additional room fee which will be based on the number of hours you need to occupy the space.


What does “semi-private” mean? (Sunset Room).

The Sunset Room will be yours to use exclusively but it is partitioned off by curtains so, the sound will travel. A small point to keep in mind if absolute privacy is necessary for your gathering.


How long can my group occupy the event spaces for?

This can be determined on a case by case basis. We are flexible if you are.


What kind of food options are there for my group?

For groups less than 25 we can discuss a pre-fix menu or a la carte off of our full menu. For groups of 26 or more, we have a number of themed buffets to choose from such as BBQ, Classic, Pizza N Wings, Mexican, Tuscan or Fresh N Local.

All menus can be modified and customized on a case by case basis depending on your budget.


How much does it cost for the event space alone? With open bar? With food?

This all depends on the size of your group, the day/evening you wish to gather and your budget. We will be happy to provide a complete list of pricing up request.


What is the shape and size of the tables? What kind of chairs?

Tables range from small squares that can seat 4, a handful of high top tables which seat 4 to long rectangles for up 8 – 10. We also have a few round tables that seat 6 each.

Chairs have a minimal look of oak with black metal trim. We provide black linens, which are an ideal backdrop for any accents you may like to add to your décor.


What is the extent of decorations I can bring of my own? Will I be able to get in with plenty of time before the event to get everything ready?

We ask that you keep decorations to a minimum but are happy to assist in executing in personalizing the space.

Centerpieces, chalkboards, photo collages and weighted balloon bouquets are all acceptable. You may not change window dressings, hang items from our walls or ceiling or “redecorate” our existing décor. 

Additional time or access to the space is available on a case by case basis. For those considering The Great Room Banquet Hall for a wedding reception, we supply two staff members to help arrange and decorate your spaces.

An additional room fee will apply.


Are the deck and patio only available if I use the entire banquet space or can those be made available even if I just use the Sunset Room?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer Sunset Room guests access to outdoor areas. Clients who wish to access the outdoor areas must reserve The Great Room. An additional fee does apply.


Is there an option for music in the Sunset Room? Is the stereo system only in the Great Room?

Being that the Sunset Room is only semi-private and your activity can be heard by our regular pub diners, the music will simply be what is also playing in the pub.

There is only a stereo system available in The Great Room. We hope to add outdoor speakers to the patio in the Spring of 2017.